44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 10 February 2014

AR Kit's 4522

Hi Guy's

A few years back I bought an un-finished Brasstic 45 class project from a friend. It has been sitting here for a while and with Auscision's announcement of their 45 class project, I questioned whether to go ahead and finish it off. Well I am glad that I did as it finished up looking the part. Mostly this model follows the (A "Brasstic" 45 class) article that featured in the February 1990 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine by Graeme Pantin and Steve McElroy. It is inspiring work and I have tried to live up to it with my project.

Anyway I am not going to repeat what is written in the article. I haven't gone to the detail that was featured on their 45's. I have simply worked on bringing my 45 up to a standard that can match some of the new generation of RTR stuff that is coming out by companies such as Auscision and On Track Models. As this model will be running as a 2nd unit only I have made it unpowered. I think with any future ones that get they will need to be powered just for the Horse Power as the trains that I hope to run will be prototype lengths. Maybe this will be the case for any Auscision ones that I may get in the future. In any case I have enough parts here to build two more AR Kit 45's. I guess in the end time will be the issue.

earlier days
Here is a few other projects that have been passing over my work bench of late
Cheers Justin Moy





  1. Hi Justin, nice weathering work, always a pleasure to see. Could you post where you got the QUBE decals, or is that just a really good paint job?
    Thanks Scott from Barcoola.

  2. Hi Scott, can you email me at justinmoy@optusnet.com.au and I will reply? Thanks Justin Moy