44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bendigo Rail Models T Class

Hi Guy's

Here is a series of photo's of my work on two Bendigo Rail Models T Class. They were pretty straight forward in the end. I studied plenty of Photo's of the Prototype on a few web sites before getting the Air Brush out. Anyway here is some shots starting with the finished product.

This next shot is shows the masking work that I did. I masked the windows and number boxes plus the number plate.

I this next shot it shows the added of two different colours with the Air Brush. At this stage I added a little dusting of Floquil Zinc Chrome Primer and Rail Tie Brown.

I forget to Photograph the next step which was the adding of a few more colours. Floquil Rust, Mud, Grime and Grimy Black were all used.

The Last step was to get the paint brush out and paint all the little details and high light areas.

Here is another photo of the finished project

Also here is some work I am doing on some Auscision E Cars

The finished Product

Cheers Justin Moy

Monday, 13 August 2012

OTM VLEX weathering

Hi Guy's

This is just a case of posting up some shots of works in progress. Been weathering 3 OTM's VLEX models and just took some photographs to see how they look. At this stage I think they are a little too dark. I could of faded the paint work a little more I think? Anyway here is the shots.

The two featured here were originally painted in VR. I replaced the doors on one and repainted the roof on the other giving them the Vline Livery. The only down full is the Vline decal work. Like soldering, decalling is just something I am not good at. 

The other is still VR but I still need to do the brush work on it. I look forward to getting some more of these in the next run. With the standard of all this new RTR coming out I am going to be rid of my Trainorama VLCX models as they are just not up to the standard of these OTM VLEX models. I am going to kit bash one of these into a VLCX for now with the hope that someone releases a better VLCX model that will be able to run with these 56 foot Vans.

Cheers Justin Moy

WSC Sleeper Wagons

Hi Guy's

Been going through some photo's and trying to make up some more wagon data packs. I have been working on a pack for the WSC sleeper wagon. I have two models of these, I think the company was Train Master and they were made in India. I have had them for a few years now.

Most the detail on them was pretty good, but I did replace the Bogies and shunters steps. They make a great weathering project so I thought to post a couple of shots here on my Blog to hopefully get some of you inspired? I weathered this one not long after they come out. I thought I did a pretty good job at the time but they could use some more I think!

Here is some scans taken at Taree about 11 years ago. I think the wagons were headed for the Northern Rivers Railroad bought for their bogies to go under some of their re-gauged QR Coal hoppers.

Looking at these shots I think I should go a lot darker with the rust marks. Anyway I look at many of my weathering jobs with the question what else needs to be done?

Cheers Justin Moy