44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weathering On Track Model's VLCX

Hi Guy's

Just had a little bit of a play with one of the new On Track Models VLCXs. I made a couple of Modifications mainly to make it fit in with my fleet of wagons.

I will do a little bit more work to the roof. The roof would be the hardest thing to weather up on these Vans. It is hard to get the right look. I masked up and resprayed the Red to give it a faded look which was Floquil Zinc Chrom Primer with a little bit of Floquil Aged Concrete mixed in. Most of the rust spots are Floquil Tuscan darkened with a little Floquil Engine Black.
The Modifications that I did are as follows;
I removed the step under the doors. In my era there wasn't many VLCX left with this step in place. They were a bit more common on the first series of VLCX's(1-135) with the timber floors but the ones with steel floors, they were rare to have these steps. These steps were probably a feature of all the vans when first built. The pack that I got which was VLCX-3 had one of first series and two of the later series (136-660). On the first series one I am going to leave the step on.
One my 2 second series Vans I have also removed the striker plate from above the Couplers. On the second series vans this doesn't seem to be a feature. I have left it on the first series van as they are on them but probably not as large as featured on the model. I have also moved the coupler box in by about 1.2mm. It is now basically flush with the end of the Vans.
I added KD number 58 couplers.
I added a mix of AR kits and SEM bogies to the Vans as I have standardised my fleet using only these bogies. 
Anyway that is a bit of look at these nice Vans
Cheers Justin Moy


  1. Nice weathering job, Justin. '... to weather or not to weather...', as old Shakespeare might have said. It seams to divide the modelling world. I think it is essential, if we want to achieve any degree of realism... Cheers, Walter.

  2. Hi Walter, I simply work from Photographs are try to make them look as close as possible. I think that way you can't go wrong. Cheers Justin Moy

  3. And try!!!!!! I am not good at this either?