44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Detailing an Austrains 442

Hi Guy's

Things have been a bit hectic of late. When ever I get a chance to sit down at the work bench I have been adding a little bit more detail to one of my Austrains Jumbo's. The detail as the Jumbo comes is pretty basic when you put it next to a Trainorama 44 class. So to run them together I feel the need to bring the 442 up to a higher standard. This Jumbo which will finish up being 44237 is getting a real make over. It is going to be my photographic centre piece when finished for a while. I will hopefully bring all my other Jumbo's up to this standard one day but this one will be used for a number of roster shots and feature in some diarama's that I have planned for the future. Anyway I will let the photographs tell the story.
This is the pilot detail, with air hose and pipe detail added. The Air Hoses are all L&C kits parts or it maybe Mains West now through AR Kits. The Air Pipes are just Brass Wire cut and bent to shape. After trying to get rid of all the half releaf detail, I thought it better to use some thin Styrene over it.

The bogie detail with steps, brake cyclinders and air pipe detail. This detail is from Kerroby Models. The air lines are all brass wire cut and bent to shape.

Still a little ways to go with the jumbo but I will update when complete. Still lots of detail to add to the body of the loco. I will have a look through all my U.S. detailing parts and see if I can come up with something for the Coupler light which sits just under the Anti-climber as it could be called.

Cheers Justin Moy