44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 9 May 2016

A few bits

Hi Guy's,

Last time I was on my Blog, I promised that there would be a little bit more activity. Sorry this has been so. I have been working on a few projects, but haven't been able to get anything finished. Anyway here is a couple of bit-n-pieces lately.
Greg Riddel invited me up to his place at Kempsey to see the progress he has made on his layout. Greg is really getting that lower NSW north coast line look on his layout that I have nic-named Beyond Yumbunga.

The first 3 photo's in this set have had various degrees of editing done. This Last shot has no real editing other that colour balance and density. Mostly the other shots have had trees added. Greg already has 60 trees on his layout and this doesn't come close to what he needs. At lease I can plant some with my editing program.

My latest purchase from Auscision is very nice. The NSWR JLX/NLJX Louvre Van. I can't really pick any issues with these that stand out so it is a winner as far as I am concerned.

I bought a 4 pack but donated one to another project that I will go into more detail and a later date.

Some of you may remember my very first blog which was about this ILM's NLCX that I had fitted with an OTM's LLV chassis. Well that project had not progressed since that blog and that was mainly due to the reason that I new the NLJX was on Auscision's hit list. Now that it is here, I realised that using the Auscision NLJX Body to make up an NLCX was a far better option. It will be real nice when finish and be up to todays RTR standard in detail.

A couple of weathering projects, Both Auscision products. The NLDF is mostly done but the roof on the WBAX that I painted silver needs work.

I don't usually put my recent rail photography in my Blog. But since my offerings have been lean of late, this sums up my photography for this year thus far.

I usually only get out when there is something a little different running. I miss allot now that I work full time

My little girl turned 4 the other day. Hannah Happy Birthday

Cheers Justin Moy

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A couple of bits

Hi Guy's

Just looking and it has been over 6 months since my last post on my Blog. I have had allot going on at the moment. When ever things are looking up, there has been something to bring me down. Earlier in the year I had myself a good case of the shingles. I wouldn't wish that on any body. Then more recently I had Whooping Cough. That was a bugger of a thing too. I have also had some issues with my eyesight which has affected me the most. Eyesight for me now is not a sure thing and this has basically put me in a deep depression which has been the hardiest  thing for me to deal with. With plenty of Family issues such as my Father in Law having a Stoke and now working full time, Modelling has just not been happening for me atm. This is much to the frustration of a few people that I have projects to finish off for, but I guess I am the most frustrated of all.

Anyway enough of that!


I had a pack of Auscision NLDF news print Vans show up today. They are real nice. I can't wait to weather them up. Just took some quick photos to show the detail up close. Auscision have been making leaps with their latest rolling stock. One new feature in their latest rollingstock is all metal shunters steps and brake wheels. Plastic parts such as these always broke off on previous models and this new detail is very welcome by this modeller.
Straight out of the box

Next to one of my ILM's NLDF's

Photo's tell the story, another fine model from Auscision. Also a little while ago Auscision released their WBAX Project. I will talk more about these at a later date as I tackle the weathering. These are a real challenge to weather realistically. 

A few other projects have progressed a little, one is my NOBX project. I have been working on 4x AR Kits NOBX's, working on detailing them to a standard that will match todays RTR. It is a challenge that I have been documenting for my Blog. This will be coming some.
and this is a taste of what is to come
Lastly is some Milk Containers produced by a new cottage producer called Road and Rail Resin. These are not complete but will look real nice when done.
Sitting on a DAR models NQIX belonging to Greg Riddel

These are my NQSF and NQIX that will be put into milk traffic. Just got to weather and decal them and they will look real nice
Cheers for now
Justin Moy

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A couple of weathering jobs complete

Hi Guy's

Not much to report, I have been working hard at get allot of outstanding jobs done. I have lots of work to finish off. Here is a couple of ones that have been recently completed.
This is an Auscision 4508

This is an Auscision 42217
This is the difference a couple of years makes in the way that I approach weathering of Loco's
42212 was done a couple of years ago
Some more shots

Besides working on heaps of stuff for everyone else. There has been a couple of other little detailing projects that I have been working on.
I have been adding some more detail to some AR kits in order to try and bring them up to a standard that will run well with most of the new RTR rolling stock that is getting around. I will got into this in a bit more depth when I have a few projects completed
I have been converting an Auscision 3518 into 3507

A couple of wagon weathering jobs are on the cards
Anyway not allot to report
Next Time
Justin Moy

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Some Alco Inspiration

Hi Guy's

I was just having a look through my Blog and realised it was last November since I have made a post. Sorry about that guy's. Last November I re-joined the work force and am now full time. It is a new field for me working in disability Support and also shift work. I have had many projects on the go. So please keep tuned, I will have some series update coming over the next couple of weeks 

Anyway here is a bit more of my inspiration. Some of these shots were taken during my high school years. Firstly some shots of some of the north bound daylight trains that used to pass through Taree. These are trains such as 6303, 6317, 6319, 6395 & 6385
6395 load steel

6303 freight

6303 freight

6395 loaded Steel

6303 freight

6285 freight
3AB6 super freighter

6285 freight

6395 loaded Steel
And now for a few south bound freighters that were daylight running through Taree
6382 empty steel

6116 fruit express

6184 pick up freight

6372 extra
This shot is an early shot of NL35 leaving Taree in late 1990
Note the FHN and PHN
This one was taken in 1989 I think. It was on my old S Series Kodak Camera of that time so it would have to be pre 1990. This test was to compare DMC1902 against the new HTV2000 test car. Not sure of the details but DMC1902 continued to do all the 81 class trails on the Coast in 1992.
Anyway cheers for now. lots of post to come
Justin Moy