44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 1 July 2019

The New South Wales Diesel Era Modelling Running Day

Hi Guys

It has been a while since I have posted here on Killawarra. It has been a hard year for myself with a few challenges. I won't go into them but I want to talk about the NSWDEM annual running day which was held last Saturday 22nd June 2019. 

Quite some time ago Dave Porter and myself started a Yahoo News Group called New South Wales Diesel Era Modelling. There was quite a few Yahoo Groups dedicated to Railway Modelling but they were not really catering for our needs as modellers and really had some rubbish non related stuff on them. NSWDEM was a private group and kept on focus by the moderators. The theme was NSW modelling 1975 to 1995.

As time went on Aaron Denning come on board and has been one of the main driving forces behind NSWDEM since. Dave and Aaron then carried NSWDEM over to Facebook and it has grown since with at last check 646 members. There is a great pool of knowledge on the group with member always happy to share tips and tricks with plenty of Q&A.

This brings us to the running day. A social gathering of members mostly organised by Aaron Denning. From memory this is a fourth annual run day which has been kindly hosted by the Epping Model Railway Club. The club providing the venue, a couple of exhibition layouts to run our trains on and a sausage sizzle for lunch. The door entry of $10.00 would go to the club for kindly offering their facilities for the day. 

This year was a little different as we had an invited layout visiting called Stockinbingal from Wagga. The club also provided their layout Binalong which has featured at all the run days and has been a favourite with the Up line being DC and the down line DCC.  Everyone could run on it. Stockinbingal was only DC so some members couldn't run on it. Over the day we had around 60 members come and enjoy the atmosphere.

A couple of other features for the day was a room setup for watching DVDs from our era of modelling and the Raffle. The Raffle has grown to quite a thing. Mostly thanks to the work of Aaron Denning. At the Rose Hill show a couple of weeks earlier Aaron went around to many of the retailers/producers and mustered up a number of raffle prizes for the run day. It has got to the point where there is basically a raffle prize for everyone that attends no matter how small it may be. This year it ranged from a 70 class, Pay Bus, packs of rollingstock, books, magazine subscriptions down to a container or small detail part. A very good effort on the part of Aaron and the sponsors of all this great stuff.

This photo by Aaron shows this years prize pool. All the big names in Australian modelling are there. Auscison/SDS/OTM/IDR/IFM/Austrains/SJM/KRM to name a few

This year I placed one of my models into the Raffle Prize Pool. This SDS NRY that I weathered up. Something a little different this year. I come away with an SDS NVJA, so I was pretty happy with that.

The next lot of photos, Aaron Denning has download directly the NSWDEM. He has given me permission to use them here in my Blog

The guys watching Video footage taken by members back in the day

Stockinbingal in Action

A short wheat train sitting in the up refuge at Binalong

A spoil train coming into Stockinbingal

The staging yard for Binalong

The tables set up between the layouts to help set up trains

Secret Men's Business

A X200 lost

A short Ballast sitting in the down refuge at Binalong

I really did enjoy the day. I spent most of my time running on Stockinbingal, talking to Rodney Smith who bought the layout to the run day. Rodney also by chance won the NRY that I weathered in the raffle, so I was please with that. One thing that I did note was a few of our model producers were on site enjoying themselves. Steve Pracy from SDS was there, he also helped greatly with the event by paying for the hall hire for the day so the Epping club wouldn't have to. He also was behind Stockinbingal being on hand. I noted also Craig Hill from OTM's. Ian Ratcliffe from IDR. Keiran Ryan from KRM and of coarse Aaron Denning from IFM's. If there was others I just cannot think of them for now. It was great having them there as plenty of ideas etc could be bounced around and they could see their wares in action. 

Here is some more of Aarons photos showing some of the models on show

Not sure of the owner for this one. Looks like an Auscision 421 with an OTM's MUB set

A nicely weathered SDS Gas Tanker

Scratch/kitbashed EPT I think

One of mine. Auscision WBAX a little dirty

Allan Browns Table of Knowledge

Something Allan has been working on.

A couple of my iPhone shots

My Austrain's 8173 with Brendan Grace's Trainorama 4446 in the back ground

That same train coming into Stockinbingal

Departing Stockinbingal

This is the photo I used for the cover/intro. before editing

Same train, different locos. Trainorama 4491/4473 head out Stockinbingal

All I can say is a big thanks to everyone who helped to make this day happen. It's what its about.

Till next time

Cheers Justin Moy

Monday, 18 June 2018

NLCX 5209

Hi Guy's

Well some of you may remember my first ever Blog. I related to my work on a Ian Lindsay Model's CLX/NLCX Kit. I had placed a On Track Models Chassis from one of their LLV RTR Models under the ILM's CLX Kit. I never really finished that model but it is now painted waiting weathering. It looked good at the time as there was no real better options to Model a NCLX.

Over time Auscision announced that they were working on their JLX/NLJX product so I shelved the ILM's Kit waiting to see what they would come up with. It was pretty dam good so my thought process started on converting one of these into a NLCX. So what I can say, it was a success. The Auscision model addressed many short comings of the ILM body sides. The most obvious being the off centre doors. It also introduced rivet detail in the body which is simply achieved with injection moulding. Anyway here is the end results-

Very Happy with it

Here is a photo essay of how-
It started out as the Auscision NLJX

It was sacrificed and a OTM's LLV. The LLV body may live on as a farm shed? The chassis from the NLJX will live on as a NCRX when I get around to it. So for two items of rollingstock I will be getting two back in other forms and a farm shed.

The Chassis and Floor were both used from the LLV

A credit to the manufacturers of these, When the JLX was cut down, the LLV floor fit under perfectly with not gaps what so ever. 

Working out the height 

Next to the ILM version

ILM on top. This shows the issue with the doors being off centre

The Prototype

I petty much left the under floor as OTM. My aim was to make the model look pretty much how it would look straight out a OTM's or Auscision Box minus the weathering

I could not ignore some missing detail around the underfloor so this was added using styrene strip.

I find one of the easiest methods for adding styrene is to spot it with super glue and handle as a long piece. I then cut it down to size with a sharp razer blade after the glue has set. I would do three at a time cut to different lengths as to give room to work and when stuck, cut to size. The off cuts were then reused for the next three till they were too short to work with.

Cutting these supports to the right shape

The lifting supports need a few different shapes to get it right.

Other than the styrene work, the only other parts added that are not from the original models was the Brass Air Hoses and the brake rigging support just next to the brake wheel. That was from AR Kits brake parts. The Bogies are from AR Kits with Auscision P88 Wheels fitted. The coupler is a Kadee 58. The uncoupler bar is from the LLV. I used a Kadee red washer to adjust the height and give the wheels a little more clearance from the underfloor. I also hollowed out the cut off's on the 2CG Bogies as an added detail. SEM brake shoes have been added to the bogies.

AR Kits LLV brake support cut down. The Ladders are from the NLJX

With the ILM

Primed with Model Master Primer

Weathering base coat applied using Tamiya Enamels

Sitting next to a weathered NLJX

After applying some washes using the Tamiya Enamels in washes of turps. Only after the model was left sit for a couple of weeks to set the original weathering coat.

Some Prototype shots from Norm Bray's Flickr site used with permission

I based my weathering on 10074 but numbered it 5209 to make decaling easier.
I hate decaling

Anyway that is pretty much it

Cheers Justin Moy