44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Friday, 26 August 2016

Just a couple of Bits

Hi Guy's

Just a couple of bits

This Auscision NLKY was a little project that I have worked on. I have always wanted to represent one of the type two NLKY's that had some of it's Louvered panels replaced. It took me a little while to research the source of the replacement louvers as I don't have real access to the prototypes that are still running. The best that I can work out is that they are louvers from the type one NLKY's, but grouped all the way down the side of the panels instead of just and the bottom and top. To get the look I did cut up an Auscision Type one to get the required panels for the project. I swapped a weathered one for one in original condition off my mate Dave Porter for the project. All least it will save my for weathering one of his at a later date. It took parts from 5 panels to make up each insert.

I had a go at weathering the roof of this Auscision WBAX. This U.S. Box Car type roof really lends itself to some weathering that you might otherwise see on US outline Box Cars. Anyway my approach was using fine brushwork with Floquil Paint. Some of the colours were mostly based around Box Car Red darkening some with Southern Pacific Greys.

Same approach with this Auscision NLJX. I think in my last Blog I had a shot of this wagon Airbrushed only. This is the result after some brush work to get some rust spots happening. I have also added some shunters steps and new lifting points.

This is one of Greg Riddel's AR Kits NCBX wagons that he let me take a couple of shots of. It was for my own reference as I am doing one of these up myself. So why not share the photo's

This is a selection of some of my Railphotography over the last few months. With some of the PN 82 class loco's entering back in intermodal work, the seeming boring PN trains have had some interesting combos of late. Anyway here is some pics, I am not going into any detail so please just enjoy

Thanks Justin Moy