44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

HO Scale Trucks

Hi Guy's,

Not much to update on atm. Thought just to add these photo's to my Blog. I have an interest in model trucks to the extent of adding to my model railway at some stage. One thing I would like to do in the future is either make a diarama of or perhaps add a container terminal to my layout. Over the years I have been adding to my collection of HO scale trucks as I find them new or 2nd hand at Exhibitions or retail outlets. The interest is to haul containers to and from my container terminal. I have been working with Greg Riddel a good mate of mine on collecting the trucks as he is working on a container terminal for his layout. At this stage I haven't done much to get them modified for the purpose intended. As most of the models available are either US outline or Europeon, usually a bit of work is required to make them look Aussie. But here is a couple of rigs that have had some work done.

I am not sure the make of this Volvo. Still some work to do on it like adding mirrors. The trailer was originally a Promex?? 48 foot skel that I cut down to 45 feet and I added a styrene deck and the tie rails. The gaurds were made from AR kits Corrigated Iron cut to size and bent around a pencil. I still need to add mud flaps and a few other miner details and it should look about done. The bull bar was through Kerroby Models from memory and the End Gates through Road&Rail in Victoria.
This B61 Mack is one of Greg Riddels. It is an Athearn Model that greg has done a bit of work including a driver to make it look Australian. Greg is going to have quite a few older trucks working his terminal as from his time driving trucks he used to see many old displaced interstate trucks doing local work out of container terminals. I may have one or two old classics working mine yet but I will try to keep the period around the early 90's.

This DAF is a bit Modern for my era I think. I think this is a Promex?? model. I still need to change the stearing over to the right hand side. I have changed the fuel tanks, added a stack and painted the wheels. The Trailer is Greg Riddels and is a repainted Athearn 20 foot skel.

Anyway some thing a little different.

Cheers Justin Moy