44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Friday, 21 February 2014

15 years of change

Hi Guy's

Just a Quick Blog. When the Austrain's 80 class come out into the market, I weathered up these 3x 80's for my mate Dave Porter. It must of been 15 years ago since the 80's were released. I would have to go back through my Issues of the AMRM to be sure I guess. Anyway the purpose of this Blog is to show the different in the way I now weather stuff. I have just finished up grading these loco's for Dave so they now match in a bit better with most of the newer RTR loco's and rolling stock that is now available.

So here is some before and after shots.

This is 8040 after the work. I also up graded the detail on all loco's
Before hand
The detailing includes Brass Air Horns and Air Hoses
More detailing includes new staff exchangers and main air tank
As you can see from the photo's there has been plenty of little paint detailing done as well. Things like the hand rails and door handles have been painted. I have completely resprayed the Tuscan with a faded coat of paint. I masked all the strips on the side panels, they didn't really fade that much compared to the panels. In the case of 8041 I redid the whiskers on the noseand made them a bit thinner as the Austrain's model has them way too thick.
Anyway it just goes to show 15 years of change.
Cheers Justin Moy

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  1. Justin,

    As per your standard...nicely done. When you mentioned the original release of the 80 class it got me thinking and my best guess would be that they were released in 1997...based on where I was at the time of arrival...Gee...17 years...seems like yesterday. Keep up the great work!!!

    Regards, Rod