44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A few more off the bench

Hi Guy's

Been very busy finishing off a bit of stuff. Here is some photo's. Not much to be said. Hopefully I may start to fit a bit more of my own stuff onto my modelling bench soon.

Just this shot to finish off.  I got my hands on a couple of Auscision RKWF's the other day, so it gave me the chance to sit a clean out of the box one next to a weathered one.
Cheers Justin Moy

Friday, 21 February 2014

15 years of change

Hi Guy's

Just a Quick Blog. When the Austrain's 80 class come out into the market, I weathered up these 3x 80's for my mate Dave Porter. It must of been 15 years ago since the 80's were released. I would have to go back through my Issues of the AMRM to be sure I guess. Anyway the purpose of this Blog is to show the different in the way I now weather stuff. I have just finished up grading these loco's for Dave so they now match in a bit better with most of the newer RTR loco's and rolling stock that is now available.

So here is some before and after shots.

This is 8040 after the work. I also up graded the detail on all loco's
Before hand
The detailing includes Brass Air Horns and Air Hoses
More detailing includes new staff exchangers and main air tank
As you can see from the photo's there has been plenty of little paint detailing done as well. Things like the hand rails and door handles have been painted. I have completely resprayed the Tuscan with a faded coat of paint. I masked all the strips on the side panels, they didn't really fade that much compared to the panels. In the case of 8041 I redid the whiskers on the noseand made them a bit thinner as the Austrain's model has them way too thick.
Anyway it just goes to show 15 years of change.
Cheers Justin Moy

Monday, 10 February 2014

AR Kit's 4522

Hi Guy's

A few years back I bought an un-finished Brasstic 45 class project from a friend. It has been sitting here for a while and with Auscision's announcement of their 45 class project, I questioned whether to go ahead and finish it off. Well I am glad that I did as it finished up looking the part. Mostly this model follows the (A "Brasstic" 45 class) article that featured in the February 1990 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine by Graeme Pantin and Steve McElroy. It is inspiring work and I have tried to live up to it with my project.

Anyway I am not going to repeat what is written in the article. I haven't gone to the detail that was featured on their 45's. I have simply worked on bringing my 45 up to a standard that can match some of the new generation of RTR stuff that is coming out by companies such as Auscision and On Track Models. As this model will be running as a 2nd unit only I have made it unpowered. I think with any future ones that get they will need to be powered just for the Horse Power as the trains that I hope to run will be prototype lengths. Maybe this will be the case for any Auscision ones that I may get in the future. In any case I have enough parts here to build two more AR Kit 45's. I guess in the end time will be the issue.

earlier days
Here is a few other projects that have been passing over my work bench of late
Cheers Justin Moy




Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weathering On Track Model's VLCX

Hi Guy's

Just had a little bit of a play with one of the new On Track Models VLCXs. I made a couple of Modifications mainly to make it fit in with my fleet of wagons.

I will do a little bit more work to the roof. The roof would be the hardest thing to weather up on these Vans. It is hard to get the right look. I masked up and resprayed the Red to give it a faded look which was Floquil Zinc Chrom Primer with a little bit of Floquil Aged Concrete mixed in. Most of the rust spots are Floquil Tuscan darkened with a little Floquil Engine Black.
The Modifications that I did are as follows;
I removed the step under the doors. In my era there wasn't many VLCX left with this step in place. They were a bit more common on the first series of VLCX's(1-135) with the timber floors but the ones with steel floors, they were rare to have these steps. These steps were probably a feature of all the vans when first built. The pack that I got which was VLCX-3 had one of first series and two of the later series (136-660). On the first series one I am going to leave the step on.
One my 2 second series Vans I have also removed the striker plate from above the Couplers. On the second series vans this doesn't seem to be a feature. I have left it on the first series van as they are on them but probably not as large as featured on the model. I have also moved the coupler box in by about 1.2mm. It is now basically flush with the end of the Vans.
I added KD number 58 couplers.
I added a mix of AR kits and SEM bogies to the Vans as I have standardised my fleet using only these bogies. 
Anyway that is a bit of look at these nice Vans
Cheers Justin Moy

Monday, 3 February 2014

Austrain's 442s1

Hi Guy's

Just a quick one. I just finished off weathering and detailing an Austrain's 442s1. There wasn't a lot to do but with a little bit of work it finished up to be a nice looking loco.

The detail work that was needed was the detailing of the bogies with Kerroby Models Loco steps and Brake Cylinders. I used an ILM's Pilot infill kits to mound the KD's and also added a little bit of styrene around the Coupler pockets. I added Brass Air Horns and Air Hoses. These were Mains West Detailing parts. I also added new MU plugs and the 3rd Dummy Plug. These was Brass parts from Mains West as well. Other than Weathering the only Paint work was correcting the blue lines on the Pilots. The model was wrong with the lines being straight. They are curved and follow the lines on the nose.
Standing with one straight out of the box
I enjoy weathering paint schemes such as these.
Anyway that is 442s1 ready for service
Cheers Justin Moy


On Track Model's VLCX

Hi Guy's

Just a quick on. Here is some shots of the recently released On Track Model's VLCX. They look pretty good and are on par with their VLEX model done a couple of years ago. What I like is the fact that they match so they can be run together without any unsightly difference in the roofs or body panels.

Here is a couple of shots;

Straight out of the box
A good selection of Doors are available
With the doors open showing the interior detail which is excellent and on par with the VLEX's
VLCX on the Left/ VLEX on the right
Standing with a weathered up VLEX.
They are another fine model from On Track Models. I have been studying shots of the prototype and I will be making a few little mod's to mine which I will show in a later Blog. It will be good to see what Auscision come up with their VLCX/VBBX project. If they are better than these, they will be a super model.
Cheers Justin Moy