44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Trainorama 42 class

Hi Guy's

Just a quick Blog. I have just finished weathering up 6 Trainorama 42's for a friend. That brings to the total of 8x 42 class loco's that I have weathered. Anyway it was a straight forward weathering of these. It did require a bit of research to work out how to go about it, but there was no need to modify the Loco's in anyway which is good. Anyway some photo's

This is 5 of the units numbered 4202-4206.
4201 I had returned to it's owner some time ago for inspection.
Here is a bit of a photographic essay of the work involved
This was the first mask. The Aim was to darken the grill area as well as the underframe and roof
This is the result. One thing that I had to do was go over the grills with a razer blade and remove any paint that was no required. This was a case of studying photographs and seeing how they weathered
The tape removed
5x 42's taped up
The next step was to mask and spray a faded coat of Tuscan. This is basically some Railey Paints Tuscan with a bit of Floquil Grime mixed it. This is an important step and the most time consuming. There is an Auscision 422 having the same steps in this picture. Getting the Tuscan to look the right tone is the hardest step but this really does make the weathering look good in the end
These 42's have had the paint faded and are ready for the next step. I need to leave them for a while and let the paint go hard. This could take a couple of weeks. The final steps to the weathering require washes of Floquil Paint mixed with Turps. The paint if not fully set would simply come off in this process.
This is 4201 at the end of the process. I have given this one a light dusting with Floquil Rail Brown along the lower half of the body but all the wet brush work has done it's job to highlight some of the detail like around the nose door.
Anyway here is a few shots of the finished products
Here is a couple of shots supplied by Bob Richardson to assist with the research
Cheers Justin Moy

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  1. Hey Justin,
    Nice work as usual. It would be really great to get a step by step of what you actually do to get these great results.