44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hi Guy's

Just a quick one. I have just finished an Auscision 42202 in Candy. The Modifications were carried out to the same Specifications as 42211 which was the topic of a previous blog. The only differences carried out were to cover any variation pacific to this Loco. As this Loco was powered, as well as raising the body on it, I also had the raise the PC Board by the same amount so that the lighting would still make a circuit.

This is a shot of the Loco complete.
Here it is ready to weather.
The main Modification to this loco was the opening up of the staff exchangers. Auscision has this filled completely in on 42202. This may of been the case with this loco at some stage. For the time period that I model, The Staff exchanger on the Number 1 end of the Loco was open but with no staff exchanger in the pocket. On the number 2 end, it was covered up but not to the extent that Auscision has done. The biggest problem is that the Chassis behind the filled in exchangers on 42202 model doesn't have a pocket in behind to allow for an exchanger so on the number 1 end you would need to cut it all out. I am not sure if any of the other numbers or schemes that Auscision has available have filled in exchangers so this one has a different chassis to all others. I guess more of this chassis will be used when Auscision runs others like the 22 class for ARG. I have got around this by swapping the Chassis with another loco that I have.
On the number two end shown here, I only had to remove the bit of white panelling at the base of the exchanger.
Here is a shot of 42202 in action in 1993. This shot I found in my collection. I am pretty sure that Jamie Fisher took this shot.
This is one of David Porters Shots of 42202 in 1991.

Here is some shots to finish off. I may lighten the Mansard sections of the roof as these did look very bleached out in the years from 1993 on.
Anyway another for my collection of National Rail Hired Loco's. After a bit of research I just worked out the 42202 didn't make it to Hire by National Rail as it had a major engine failure but as far as I can work out 17 422's did. Anyway I am sure I will fine use for it.
Cheers Justin Moy 

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