44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A bit happening

Hi Guy's

Well I have been busy over the Couple of months. As I mentioned I returned to work after 7 months of Paternity Leave. Well 2 months ago I left work after my mother in law decided that she no longer wanted to look after the children before school and during the day for Hannah. With Child Care being unaffordable for us, I had to bite the bullet and leave work. I have mixed feeling about this but in the end there was not much that I could do about this. I now have a bit of time so things are getting done. My Train Room is now complete and I have moved into it. We now have a 4 bedroom house so Hannah now has her own room.

One the modelling front, I have now had about 2 weeks of good modelling time and starting to get a few projects happening. I have had a bit of stuff of Auscision's to do and the photography that goes with it.
This is probably one of my favourite shots of a serious that I took for Auscision
I don't mind this colour scheme when it is weathered up. The N sets many for a nice model
Auscision let me have a play with one of their pre-production models of their up coming AN Loco.
I must say it is a nice model and I think everyone will be pleased with them. I only lightly weathered this one to show up a bit more detail.
A closer look at the model
Some weathered Auscision N class loco's
Just added a bit more weathering to a couple of Auscision ABFX models
Anyway not a lot of text with this latest blog. As I get some more time I will start to log my modelling work as I have in the past. This is just an update. Things that I will be looking at recording is work of a number of 80 and 44 class loco's. Loco's that I have on the blocks are 8030 in Cube Livery, 8040 in what ever livery it is in atm, 4446 in Tuscan 1992 era, 4488/91/97 in reverse 1992 era, 44201/44213/44214/44228/44232/44237 all as they were in 1992. I have plenty of wagon projects on the hop too. Anyway update as they come.
Cheers Justin Moy

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