44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 5 February 2012

One Hour at Wingham

Hi Guy's

Just been going through some older shots that I took around 2007 and come up with this little look at Wingham in 1986. Just don't worry about the fact that at this time Wingham was a 700m CTC loop.

The first Train to be spotted was 6395 Steal. It has just grabbed the Staff and is just about to get back into it for the trip to Taree. This Train is all Greg Riddels. It is lead by 8028/8012/8016 which are all modified Austrains Products. I did weather these 80's for Greg. This train maybe a little different now. I think Greg has replaced the ILM NLKY Vans with Auscision ones.
A wait of about 1/2 hour and 6184 a stock special shows up. 4808 a modified Powerline Product leads this Train in the dying days of stock traffic. Again this is Greg Riddels work. Behind the Photographer another train is holding the main line at Wingham
This Train is 6309 with Trainorama 4423 on the lead. This again is Greg Riddels and this train is inspired by a photograph on page 19 in a book called "Liveries in the Landscape". If you see this photo you would understand that Greg is hanging out for the up coming release of the Auscision AOOX project. Anyway 6184 takes the loop and 6309 is on its way. 6184 will stunt some stock wagons off and be on its way to follow the next train on the up 6116
Here is 6116 as it approaches Wingham crossing Cedar Party Creek. 4432 is Greg Riddels that I weathered for him. All the rollingstock is mine. Not long after this photo 4432 got a Candy Paint Job and was then retired. Go Figure? Anyway that is One hour at Wingham in 1986. If I was a Railphotographer around this time I would be happy with 4 trains in this time.

Just to finish off , here is a look 10 years into the future in 1996 as 5BS6 passes through Wingham
8244 which is my Bakers SRM kit works 5BS6 on this day. 6116 was renamed BS6 with the forming on National Rail and it's National Codings. This train is about to get lots of COD containers added to the consist. I just need to update the container wagons and this train will look the part for this period. It is funny, I always thought that the COD stood for cash on delivery but it stands for
Committee of Direction in Fruit Marketing.

Anyway Cheers

Justin Moy

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