44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hi Guy's

The Weather in Old Bar was real bad yesterday so I spent most of my spare time during the day working on 44217. I finished detailing the Chassis and Pilots plus wiring it up. This brings this loco up the same standard as my other 2 jumbo's that I have running 44233 & 44239.

On 33 and 39 I had completely repainted the Candy Red. I mixed a little Floquil Grime into the Railey Paints Candy to fade it a little. I then applied decals and finished the model's off. 44217 was a little different as I wanted to retain the numbers from the original Austrain's 44216 paint job. The problem with these numbers is that I have not found any decals that match the Font used. The only decals I have found use the font such as those built and supplied in Candy colours such as the 81 class and 86 class. Over time the fonts varied and I guess depending on which paint shop was used. As I wanted to change this Loco to 44217 with no decals available, I removed the 6 and masked up and painted a 7 on with white paint. I masked up the L7 as with the numbers and applied the Red as per the other units.

As I add to my roster of loco's, I go to a lot trouble to match up loco's to the decal fonts that I have. I don't like to compromise if I have to. 44239 is a compromise as it uses the same font as 44217 on the sides but I finished up rubbing most of the numbers off as per the original so I let it go. One day I will get back to 44239 and fix the numbers up. I have 2 other Jumbo's that are being worked on. They will be 44228 and 44237. These are going to be super detailed and I hope to upgrade 17, 33 and 39 to this standard some day.

   Anyway here is the Loco

Here is a couple of shots of 44233 and 44239 when I first got them running back in 2007

44239 on a short NL36 Grafton Express as it approaches Wingham on Sunday 15/01/91 

44233 on 6372 blast through Wingham on Tuesday 31/8/93

Hopefully I will have some shots of 44217 in Action soon

Cheers Justin Moy

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