44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wheat Wagons

Hi Again,

Just though to post about RTR wheat wagons that are out now for the NSW modeller. There is some great stuff. I guess Trainorama got things kicked off with their BCH/BWH project. The detail was just great and mostly there. As I model the early 90's the BWH's didn't interest me that much. But the NGMA's did so I have a 4 pack of them. Now a wheat train isn't really going to be suitable for running on the north coast but there was examples running mixed in trains now and them. The NGMA though I haven't ever seen up the coast. As a modeller it is hard to ignor the detail that a wheat train can bring so I am going to model one even though it is not right for my Killawarra Layout.
This is one of the NGMA's that I have. Still need to give it a weather. For the wheat train that I model I am going to set a standard for all the rollingstock. These are Number 58 Kadee's fitted, AR Bogies's fitted with SEM P88 wheels and the bogies fitted with SEM brake shoes.

Another fine model to the market is the Auscusion NGPF Wheat Hopper. ATM I have 15 of these to detail and weather. Again I have bought this model up to the standard that I have set with new bogies and couplers. The detail is exceptional on this model and in my view this is the best RTR model getting around.

Still needs a bit of a weather but the detail is just great.

The third contender for my wheat train is the Austrains WHX. It is a fine model in its own right. I wouldn't go as far to say it is as good as the Auscisions model but it will have a home in the wheat train. I only have one of these atm that I swapped a friend for a NGPF. I hope to get a 4 pack when I can afford it and add this to the wheat roster. I am looking into what is required to modify one or two of them to represent the earlier WHX version that AR Kits have produced. The main reason for this is so it all blends in together. Anyway more on this if it happens later on. Here is a shot of the one that I have. Again the bogies have been changed.
Here is a shot of all 3 together.

I have weathered on Auscision NGPF in the past and I have made notes about the work that I have done. If you are a member of Aus_Model_Rail, I have a word document saved in the files section. Here is a link http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/0BIaTvs9cjodL_ppS-19L2qS7XmRDlDr3WNTotapjn74FarQBZgi2yNml0joNPBCSh6tSAQbyHNXSL0j4f9pmmbVnOvp/NGPF%20detail%20Photo%27s/Weathering%20an%20Auscision%20NGPF.doc
Anyway here is a shot of the model
Anyway happy wheat hauling
Cheers Justin Moy

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  1. Are you able to post the 'How to weather your NGPF' notes on your blog? cheers