44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Some Fiddling Around

Hi Guy's,

I have had plenty to do atm, mostly for other modellers. But I have fit a little in for myself. Some of these have been going for a year or so. I got the Camera out tonight and just took a couple of quick shots of these.

I have had some Austrains VOBX wagons sitting for a while. The Ribbed version is a reasonable model but has some problems with the rib detail. Mostly between the door and ends. The spacings are way out but I can't be bothered to to anything about it. It is funny that the lima version has the rib detail about spot on for a model that has been around for about 25 years or so.

The Austrains Version has much better floor detail and the tie rails are done pretty well. I have done a bit of research on the prototype and found that a number of the early version flat sided ELX wagons had been rebuilt with ribbed sides mostly due to corrosion. The  metal under frames on the Austrains model can be removed by a number of screws. So to do a version of the early ELX fitted with Ribbed sides I have simply changed the floors over. The deeper fish belly under frame has been placed under a flat sided version and sat aside for later on. It will finish up being a VKEX when I get some time. I have given the VOBX a bit of a weather but I haven't changed the number as yet. I have to give it a number that matches in with one of the modified flat sided ones.
Ohh and I have changed the location of the Vline Panel. I have looked at all my research materal and various publications and I still haven't found a shot of a VOBX with the Vline Panel placed in the middle of the wagon where Austrains have placed them. It is good that the Brass Panel is easy to remove and relocate. The only other major modification is I replaced the bogies with SEM and AR versions. This is a standard modification for me. Anyway the result is a wagon that is a little different and will stand out at an Exhibition for people with a eye for detail.

This VOBX is another one that was in the 3 pack. The only modifications is moving the Vline panel and new bogies. A bit of a weather and it is pretty much ready for service.

I did redo the Vline with a decal on this one so I could fade the panel a bit.
This VOBX is a plain sided one that I have weathered up. It is a early version with a 3 letter code that I haven't changed to a 4 letter code as yet. It had a VR logo which I have sanded back and painted over in the weathering process. Anyway with new bogies and after a code change it is ready for service.
Something a little different. This is what will be a NQSF when complete. The model is a IDR casting. I have two of these and I wish I had more. Other than a code change, I don't have much to do. I am not happy with the colour as yet. I think I will lighten it up a bit. If I don't get more of these in the future this one will probably finish up with milk containers on it. Need to make them first in any case so this one will be in shipping service for a while.
They are a great looking wagon and I hope that I can get some more off IDR Models one day.

This NCQX coil steel wagon I built about 6 years ago. I have just finished reworking it a bit. I have just added a bit more detail. New Steps, grab irons and uncoupler bars. The biggest modification was the removal of the Hanovale Cradles and adding the new Auscision Models Cradles. I have repainted it into a blue but I am still not that happy with the colour. I mate has some photo's coming of these wagons not long after they were introduced into traffic in the early 90's so I will get a better idea of the colours then. The underfloor of this wagon is based around an AR Kits NOBX. I found this was a good choice as the deck height is about right and the Bogie Wheel base is pretty much right as well. I stripped down most of the original detail and redone the fish belly to suit with styrene and the side detail. I have enough Cradles to make 11 of the wagons so if no manufacturer brings one of these out, I have my work cut out. It would be a good opening for someone like IDR to give modellers something to put their Auscision Cradles on. Maybe a good one for Auscision to do also. Think of all the possibilities of  NODY Project?????
Anyway happy modelling
Cheers Justin

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