44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Some More Photo's

Hi Guy's

Just some photo's of some stuff here and there. This is some stuff that I am really happy with as a modeller so hopefully these will give some inspiration to others.

Firstly my NLKF/NLKY project. I couldn't deal with running my ILM type one NLKY kits with the new Auscision models Type two RTR models. They were just too different. The roof profiles were way different. So I set about converting one of my Auscision models to a type one NLKF version. I did this by cutting in ILM sides to the model. I retained the Floor, Ends, Roof and Doors and just cut out the Quarter Panels I guess you could say. I couldn't replace the complete sides as the ILM's sides were too long. Anyway here is a shot of the complete model. Auscision have since anounced this model so the other two that I had planned are now on hold.
This is a BGB models WBAX that is pretty much just built to plan. I did spend a bit of time weathering. It would be good for these to come out RTR as I have mentioned in a previous post but for now the BGB kits has to do the job.

This is a Auscision PTC Blue NLKY that is all weathered up. For this photo I added P88 wheels for show. I would hope to add P88 wheels to all my rollingstock one day when money permits. After researching photo's of these Vans the weathering was msotly a mix of Rust and Weathered Grey and a little bit of light blue showing on the ends and near the doors.

This one is a Hanovale NTAF fuel tanker. Built pretty to speck. It is a welded framed one. I am not sure it will stand up against all the anounced RTR fuel wagons that are coming. I know that SDS are doing a Riveted Underframe version but Eureka are doing a Welded version I think. I anycase this one will hold out until something better comes along.

A Jumbo from 1993

This Jumbo was for a Client. It was a complete repaint to represent the paint work and weathering for 44213. It and 44214 was a little different from the other Candy Jumbo's with a much bigger White line. It matched Candy Passenger Rollingstock very well but wasn't carried on with other Jumbos. Anyway here is a couple of shots of the complete 44213. I will add 44214 to my fleet of Alco's at a later date.

This shot on the Layout Wingham on what would be 6116 express freight

Anyway cheers

Justin Moy

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