44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some Model Shots on Wingham

Hi Guy's

Just down in Newcastle atm with my wife Amanda. Going to watch the Newcastle/Manly Game this arvo. Can't sleep so I thought I might add some model shots to my Blog. One thing that I really like to do when I have finished a model is photograph it, whether it be a finished kit or weathering a RTR model. I will alway set up a High Key shot for a record shot, not matter what it is. This only takes my a couple of minutes at home with a peice of white card board and a camera that is nearly always set of the right settings ready to go. A quick edit and the shots are ready.

But my favorite thing is the set up shots on the Wingham Layout which is house at the Taree and District Model Railway Club Inc Club Rooms. This Layout is now over 20 years old and still a credit to it's builder the Late Rodney James. One day a hope to have my own Home or Exhibition Layout to set photo's up on. This will be a major consideration to building a layout. Making scenes suitable for photographing a Model Train much like a Rail Photographer would.

Their are lots of things that I consider. A train consist is a big one. I will alway put a lot of thought into this. I will make sure that the trains I make up are something that would of run. My Pet Hate is showing up at an Exhibition and seeing things like an NR class loco pulling around S trucks. I guess that is an extreme example but I also notice things small things. I guess the best thing that I appreciate is seeing a layout at an exhibition where the people running it have gone to the trouble of getting all the trains right for the era's that they are running. Wingham was one of these layouts. Beyond Bulliac was another. One day I hope to have an exhibition layout up and running that modellers that really know there research and stuff will really appreciate.

Anyway here is a some shots taken on the Layout Wingham. I look at these shots and still find things or goals that I would like to achieve. One would be fitting blinds to the cabs of the loco's photographed, fitting markers to all the lights and the main one would be to fit P88 wheels to the rollingstock. Taking shots like this really does show up the RP25 wheels as being pretty wide. I know there is a huge topic on this at present on Aus_Model_Rail which I don't really have a opinion on. It would however really make an improvement to these images if P88 wheels were used.  For an exhibition where most people are side on to the model I don't see that the RP25 or P88 would make much of a difference.

This shot has an Austrain's 44239 with a train that could be 6116 express freight. Some of the wagons near the front are ones featured in earlier Blogs. 44239 was the first Candy Jumbo that I did. I have some better idea's now on weathering so this one may go back into the workshops soon.

This is a shot of a Trainorama 4432 on a train that could be 6372. This train could be pretty much anything. It was an extra that run against 6382 empty steal. It usually had empty steel, Lourvers or was the Nitropil heading back to Newcastle. 4432 is a model that I weathered up for Greg Riddel, a good friend of mine. The first wagon on this is the NCQX before I updated it as mentioned in an earlier Blog. It still has the Hanovale Cradles on it and the original steps that I did.

This shot has my Austrains 44233 on head of 6116 express frieght. I will do some more Banana Vans soon and will add a Blog about the whole project when this happens.

EL51 is an Auscision Model that I weathered and photographed for Auscision. It was just a light weathering to show up the detail that I think is still one of Australia's Premier Models. I can say I have seen EL51 passing through Wingham but perhaps not with this shed in the back ground. The era I run is not right for wingham but I can live with this. It gives me somewhere to run my stuff and a great photographic location.

My Weathered NGPF on location. Another Premier Model from Auscision.

Anyway Cheers for now
Justin Moy


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