44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Some Wingham Photo's and model shots

Hi Guy's,

Just finished taking some shots on the great Wingham Layout. I really enjoy getting models to a point where I can take some shots of them in Action. So here is some shots

The Taree yard Shunter heads into Wingham with an NLKY wagon for the Good Shed. I the background is the Butter Factory and a horse going about it's business. 7320 is an Auscision pre-production model that I was allowed to have a play with. These will be available very soon
This Train is a bit lost. It is modelled on a Canberra Express with a pre-production Auscision 42211 on the lead and some of my Silvernmaz RUB's and a HUB car with a Scaleways PHN at the rear. The HUB car is a kit bash from a Silvermaz RUB. As this train is passing through Wingham I would say it is a little lost.
Another lost train. This time a southern wheatie passing through Wingham. These are some of the other Auscision Pre-Production Samples that I have been working on. These are unpowered which is a pity. They will most likely end up in Auscisions display case at their shop. No sure if it is open yet but if not will be soon. This is the first time I have had my set of Auscision Wheat Hoppers out for a run. They don't look too bad behind 42212/42205.
7335/7320 shunting Wingham Yard
42205 works a RUB Set over Cedar Party Creek at Wingham with the North Coast Daylight Express. For some reason it has an Auscision 42205 leading this train. All the Rail Photographers of the day must of missed that one? The RUB set is Silvermaz that I build for Noel Sawyer a couple of years ago.
So here is some of the shots I took of these models as I was working of them and complete
7335 in pieces in readiness for weathering. I did a mask so that I could respray the Candy Red to fade it a little. Also the chassis was masked ready to weather.
The first mask on the 422's and some mask work on the tuscan 73 class.
Another mask on the tuscan 422 on also a 42 class that I have been working on. More about it later.
Some shots of the finished product
Cheers Justin Moy

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