44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Making of 8002

Hi Guy's

I have always wanted to attempt a major detailing job and I see an Austrains 80 class as a good model that could use a good detail job. I could probably thank Austrains for their 80 class. It bought me back to modeling as I had started modeling BNSF. I still have some of my BNSF stuff but a NSW modeler is what I am now. I guess with all the stuff that we have RTR now it would of been something else but the 80 class bought me back from the dark side so to speak. Anyway here it is pretty much finished;

I have modeled it for a time period from 1992 to 1997 where it met it's end up at Acacia Ridge due to a shunting mishap and was cut up on site. I have photo's of it around this time with a red AC unit on one side and a Blue AC unit on the other. 
Now for a few shots of the detailing work, I am not going to great detail as I have done all this from photographs and I have not real messurements to work from;
 I use styrene for the Chassis Rails and use ILM  replacement Air tank. I didn't want to cut it in half for the 2 tanks so I just cut a groove into it to present the 2 tanks. I cut a gap between the Battery Boxes and added heaps of pipe work using whatever I had available on my work bench at the time. I added ILM lifting points too. I use 2 for each point so that the body could seperate.
 Here is another shot. I used Staples quite a bit for detail as that are easy to work with and strong. I use a staple to hold the park brake chain. I simply inserted the staple through a link of the chain and bent the staple 180 degrees around the chain
A close up of the side showing some of the styrene work for the frame. also the ILM staff exchanger that has been added
Some of the work that I did to the bogies. I used Kerroby Models 442 class brake cyclinders and loco steps. All the pipe work and styrene work is just scratch
A close up of the bogies
This photo was taken by Paul Vanderstelt and shows the bracket on the side of the Bogie that supports a large Damper attached to the frame of the loco. I can only guess that this is to dampen the side ways movement of the bogie. 
Here is a shot of the model about ready for the paint shop. I had added ILM replacement pilots at the stage and brass air hoses. other little details like the wire steps in the staff exchanger were added. The Air Horns are ILM.
This shot shows some of the masking work involved in the weathering process. Cutting the line mask for the panel strips was fine work. It was necessary to show the faded panels of the prototype. I was working on a couple of reverse 80's for Greg Riddel at the same time.
Here is a shot of one of Gregs 80's
One shot to finish off.
Next shot will hopefully have it on a train
Cheers Justin Moy 


  1. Justin

    I'm not a'modern' modeller but I do appreciate nice work.

    Ray P

  2. Hello Justin,

    I just came across your blog on the 80 Class conversion. Very fine work and the model looks fantastic. I have two of these locos and I would like to try and add some detail like yours.

    I know its been a long time but would it be possible get a list of material and prefabed piece that you used for this conversion?

    Thanking you in advance,


  3. Hi Dave, Sorry I have only just come across your reply. Don't know why, I usually get an email to notify of a reply but I can't recall it. I will soon be doing another 80 class, 8010 in Bi-centennial, so if you like, sent me your email address and I can sent you some details, I may not have time to do a full blog on it. Cheers Justin