44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 5 November 2012

Lots of Projects

Hi Guy's

Since I have been a live at home dad for just over 3 months now. I thought I would be able to get lots of work done. Well young Hannah has had other idea's but I can say I am now getting on top of things and starting to get some real work done. I have plenty of projects that I have just been plodding along with. With times being hard atm trying to live off one wage, I have been doing up a little bit of stuff to sell, as car rego is just going to kill us. When you start getting power bill of nearly $1000, it is just getting too hard. All I can say is thinkyou to the Government for taxing the ordinary people of Australia into the ground. Anyway looks like I will be back in the work force again very soon.

Anyway enough of a gripe about the world and onto some modelling.

Some Weathering projects

Bendigo models T340
Trainorama 948
Auscision E Car Set
Here is some projects that I have been working on
I have been up dating my 5 ILM NLDF's. My plan is to bring them up to the level of detail as some of my new RTR stuff like the Auscision NLKY's and OTM VLEX's. Plenty still to do with new steps and underfloor detail. But one thing I have been working on it making up code boards and L7 logo's. These are the first trials shown. These are basically Photographs of real boards that I have sized down the glue straight on the Van. It is good to have a pre-weathered L7 Logo to use. Anyway updates as they come.
I have been working on Super Detailing this Austrains 80 class. What started as a project to get rid of the box around the weight above the fuel tank has spiralled out of control. This will be 8002 when finished. More updates as they come.
Cheers Justin Moy  


  1. Hi Justin

    A technical question for you, the part on the 80 class bogies that you have made from styrene, what are they actually called? and what function do they provide?



    1. Hi Kyle,

      I am not sure what it is called. What I do know is that it holds a large damper or Shock Obsorber that attaches Horizontally to the frame. I guess it is to dampen the side ways movement of the bogie. They are only on one side of the loco and only on Mark 1's 8001/8030. One the Mark 2's the air lines are still set up to run around it, except for a few units that have been damamged and new air lines made for them. I will add a photo to the Making of 8002 for you to see. Cheers Justin

  2. Hi Justin

    Thank you for your assistance. I have had a go at super detailing one of my 80's, again inspired by your work. If you get the chance to have a squiz and let me know what you think?