44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weathering Progress

Hi Guy's

Just been stuffing around with these Auscision Opens and Vans. As I have said before I like to take photo's of the progress so I can take stock of where I am at with the weathering. The Base coat has gone on and I am just starting to muck around with washes using a paint brush. Anyway I will do a little more and then look at any other colours that can be applied with the Air Brush. Here is some progress shots

This one has had the most work done and looks mostly complete at this stage. This is the only AOOX that will have a green interia. All the others will remain in the original Red. The Base colour for the green is Floquil Burlington Northern Green. The washes mostly between the ribs are done with a brush using Floquil Rust with it darkened with Floquil Grimy Black.

This AKJY still needs the interia painted. I will hit it will a good coat of rust.
This AOOX has had the base coats only. I am not sure about the red interia as yet. I may lighten it a little before I continue.

This one will end up having a panel missing off the side. I have replaced the exchange panels on this one with smaller ones. I just need to remask the exchange panels and the area of the missing panel and go over with some more green.
I started playing with this ABFX applying some washes and I am not happy with it at this stage. I will most likely air brush over this and start again. I needed to let the faded coat dry for a few days so that it holds up to some washes over it.
I swapped one of my green vans for an ANR Red one. I have painted the top door runner yellow as I have shots of some of the Red Vans done this way which was common in the AN era. I still need to clean up the work a little. I have used Floquil Zinc Chrome Primer with just a little bit of Floquil UP Harbor Mist Gray as the base colour for the Van. You can see the difference if you look at the ANR panel that was masked up for this first stage of weathering.

Anyway all have a good long weekend, I hope to make it to the Epping show over the weekend some time, so if you see me there say HI

Cheers Justin Moy  

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