44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Thursday, 1 March 2012

RKWY weathering examples

Hi Guy's

Today with the age of digital photography, I try to photo as much rollingstock that interest me. After all it is not costly to take the digital shots. The only cost for me is the cards as I don't re-use cards. I start with a new one and it becomes another form of digital storage when the card is full. So here is a few shots I have taken over the last couple of years of some RKWY's as they were going past. One thing about the Old AKJY's is that the weathering has remained much the same over the time that NR and PN have had them so the same principals can be used for the weathering. Here is the shots;

The approach that I think I will take will be to mask up the code boards etc. Then spray the model with a faded mixture of Green. Probably use Floquil Burlington Northern Green with a little bit of Rust or Rail Brown in the mix. This will be to get the general colour of the wagon. Then there will be some work with different shades in curtain areas. Then washes of paint. Mostly between the ribs with a Rust/Rail Brown mix. Anyway I will go into more detail as I get to it.

Cheers Justin Moy


  1. Hi Justin,
    I am interested in getting some of my rollingstock and locomotives weathered by you.
    If you would be interested could you please email me at tomplayfair@y7mail.com so we can discuss.

  2. hey justin any chance you could upload a video of you weathering one of these great models. they r so impressive

  3. Hi There Anonymous, that sounds interesting, I have never thought to try to video any of my work. I guess the biggest problem is the lack of a Video Camera. That maybe overcome esp. with a new born only 11 weeks away.

    Cheers Justin