44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Additions

Hi Guy's

Recieved a parcel the other day with all these goodies from Auscision. They look pretty dam good and I will be looking at giving them my treatment pretty soon. I just put them on the bench and took a couple of shots. I noticed on the Auscision web site they don't have much in the way of shots of all the different colour variations so these are the ones that I have. I may do a swap with some mates to get perhaps a couple of Red ones. I am really looking forward to weathering these and I will give a step by step of how I do this on my Blog. Anyway these are the shots straight out of the box;
AOOX 2899-C
ABFX 2445-G
ABFX 2451-B

I have some idea's for weathering these that I hope to share. There is 16 wagons all up so it will be a major project. I only want one ABFX with a silver roof so some will be painted over Green. Some of the AOOX's will have the inside panels painted back to Red as sometimes only the outsides were repainted in the Green AN colours.

These wagons are going to go a long way to helping me make up some of the trains that I am keen to Model from the North Coast back in the early 90's. For those who can remember 6233 on a Saturday Arvo up the Coast or the Fruit Express 6116 which was sure to have a few big green Vans on it. The steel trains should benefit with the Big Open Wagons in the mix.

Lastly just a look at the Bogies that come under the AOOX's and AKJY's. The detail is exceptional and I think Auscision have done a Great Job with these. I have given one a little bit of a wash with Grime to show up the detail and fitted K&M P88 Wheels to it for show. It is sitting next to one that is untouched and showing the underside.    

Anyway this blog maybe busy for a while?

Cheers Justin Moy

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