44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Friday, 6 January 2012

An Update

Hi Guy's

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and New Year. Mine has been pretty hectic with family commitments. I haven't had much time to sit at the work bench at all. Anyway here is a bit of an update of what I have been up to.

Firstly I have had this VLEX sitting for a while that I did about 4 years ago. It's history is a bit of a kit bash. Having a few of the Trainorama VLCX models and one BGB VLEX running with them, I was never happy with the different roof profiles. When ever I went about photographing the Vans mixed up the difference was just too much for me. So the Van in the below photograph is a mixture of  2 Trainorama VLCX vans and the sides from a BGB VLEX kit. I used the ends of the VLCX and the roofs of 2 Vans put around the sides of the VLEX kit. I used the Bolsters of the VLCX but scratch built a fish belly between them. The end result was a VLEX Van that matched it nicely with all my VLCX Vans and one VBBX.

Anyway soon we will have the release of the On Track Models VLEX Van. From what I have seen of the pre-productions samples these will be a fine model. I have no doubt that I will have some sitting on my bench soon whether they be mine or someone elses that I am to weather. Having this kit bash sitting here I thought to have a bit of a go at really heavily weathering the roof. I had given it a light going over before when I first built the model but what I have done here I think has come up OK. It is all brush work with Floquil colours. I used Grimy Black, Rail Brown and Box Car Red for this effect. Some was applied straight on and some as washes.

Anyway this is the finished example.

I guess my new issue will be the new VLEX from OTM will have a different roof profile again. What to Do? I am sure that the profile on the OTM model will be spot on so I will not be able to run them with my VLCX Vans unless I do some major surgery on them. I think the solution will be to use the parts I have to make 2 more vans like the one above and mix them with the Trainorama Vans and just run the new OTM Vans with my other vans such as the Auscision NLKY's where the high detail will match in much better anyway.

I have a few other bits and pieces sitting on the bench.

This model below when finished will be a VKEX. In a previous Blog I mentioned that I had changed out the underfloor on a rib sided VOBX with that of a  flated sided VOBX to represent a flat sided one that had been rebuilt into a rib sided one. If that makes sense. The parts not used will finish up being a VKEX that was built on the heavier under frame. I now have the model to the stage I can start the extensive styrene work as seen in this photo

Another project I have set myself at the moment is to update this AKHX model that I built around 7 years ago. After 7 years I had never got around to putting decals on it. I think after 7 years I have lifted my modelling standards a little so I am going to give this one a make over. I am going to introduce some interia rib detail and add grab irons and new hand brake detail. Finally somn decals and it may get a bit under the weather as well.

Finally some shots of a few loco's that are in various stages and pieces. Hopefully will be added to the stable soon.

4485 Trainorama

44228 Austrains

44237 Austrains

Happy Modelling

Cheers Justin Moy

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