44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 29 August 2011


Creating 8016

Hi Guy's
I have just finished 8016 for a client. Thought I may share the details of the work that I did to turn it from a Austrains 8006 into 8016. Photo's will probably speak better that words but I will make a couple of comments. This is not a heavy weathering by any means but it does make the loco look like into has been in service earning it's keep.

After adding most of the detail that I needed to before painting, I have masked all the stripping on the side of the loco. This was done by laying some tape down on a piece of glass and cutting it with a razer blade. Some of the stripping I had darkened by brush before masking. One thing I had noticed when studying photo's was that the side panels of Tuscan and Reverse 80's tended to fade over time more so that the stripping and metal panels on the loco. This may of been due to the panels being made from some kind of composite material. Once masked I sprayed with Raileys Tuscan lightened down with some Floquil Grime. Once this was done I looked at weathering the Roof and Running Gear.

The Bogies, Pilots and Fuel Tanks were all coloured with a mixture of Floquil Paints. Rail Brown, Rust, Grime and Mud were mostly used. Most of the rest of the weathering work was done using washes with a brush. This was using Floquil paint thinned with Turps. The grills were also hand painted as well as the patch on the number one end of the loco.

With most of the paint work done it was time to decal, Out of all the work, decal work is not for me. One thing I do is use an old bottle of MEK to set the decals in place. It is not for the faint hearted but if it is done well the decal will never come off.

Anyway the end result is a loco that looks the part and lots better than the original Austrains. 8016 is a bit different with the patch on the Number One End that sets it apart from other 80's running around in the first half of the 90's.

Cheers Justin Moy


  1. Justin, the detail pilots and air tanks are these Ian Lindsey?


  2. Hi Dale,

    Yes they are ILM. I beleave you can still get them from ILM if you make contact with Ian

    Cheers Justin

  3. Hi Justin,

    Nice work. :)
    One question though - when you put in the ILM staff exchangers, did you do anything to strengthen the chassis around them? I ask as I am always worried the superglue on the two I did won't hold, and could cause the model to split apart under load.