Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Just a quick update on the NOBX project.

All the underfloor detail including the steps from the original Auscision NOBX have been fitted back pretty much how it was on the RTR model. I had to make up some supports for some components, but it was fairly straight forward process. As the couplers boxes were part of the original body, I used ones provided but Kadee and fitted Number 58's. 

I finished the process of fitting the brackets for the tarp supports. I cut lengths of 5 thou. Styrene and drilled a 1mm hole in these. I then glued them in place trimming the access off.  

This is a method I use quite a bit. Adding the styrene in a way that I can hold it in place easily. Then when dry cut off the access.

There is one little detail that I haven't added as yet. These are brackets/ tie downs fitted in the corners of the wagon. I am going to wait till I have all the timbers are test fitted before adding this detail. The model now has a cote of Primmer applied. I now need to start the process of painting and weathering. I am basing the wagon on the one in the back ground photo.

Cheers for now

Justin Moy



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