44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hi Guys.

Just a quick one, Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Life has been busy for myself and my family. I had a Hernia Operation about a month ago, all went well and I am back on my feet. Over Christmas, new year I spent allot of time working on my layout. All the bench work is up and in place, all the staging is in place and wired. All the track is laid with code 100 track. I have done this so I could get trains running but will relay the scenic parts of the layout when funds allow with Code 83 and 70.

Having Trains up and running has really helped in getting an idea of how the operation and scenery will fit in as I keep going. It has also given me new ideas. The Idea of modelling Killawarra is dead ATM. I will revisit this with a possible Exhibition Layout in the future. I have some good ideas for this but will require a Layout of up to 10 metres in length. My 5.4 Metre long room could not do it justice. Another metre may of done it but my home layout will be freelance with a couple of small scenes picked out to model curtain areas such as a bridge that I am familiar with.

Now as I work on my ideas, I am not going to go into the layout on my Blog as yet. I am not sure why I am taking this approach for now, I just want to work on and keep my ideas to myself till I have worked it out. They are changing all the time and maybe I just feel I will be wasting my time going through each thought process. I am nearly there so hopefully there will be plenty on my blog about this soon. I am enjoying watching trains run so for me the hobby is starting to bring me some relaxation.

Last year I put my hand up to be a presenter at this years Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention 34 at Loftus TAFE. I had never tried something of this scale before. I had never put together a Power Point Presentation before. So  there was a couple of first. My presentation was titled Making Ready to Run Rolling Stock Your Own. This was a discussion on my experiences with working to RTR rolling stock to suit my era of modelling the NSW north coast during the early 90's. I worked on a number of projects to for my presentation which I will also share on this Blog. I am just finishing off these so I can put the full story together. I am nearly there so stay tuned.

Here is some previews

Some of you may remember my first ever Blog. It was about kit bashing an ILM's NLCX fitting it with a LLV floor from a RTR OTM's LLV Van. As nice as it was looking, I sat on the project with the Knowledge that Auscision were working on a NLJX. As soon as I have this van painted and weathered I will have it's full story here. I am real proud of the work on this and it looks great.

I have spoke about this kit bash before. Nearly done with this one

This was the other Kit bash that I discussed in the presentation. Will have it's full story soon.

Here is a couple of shots of the construction in the earlier stages

Cheers Justin Moy

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