44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Monday, 9 July 2012

More Weathering Photos

Hi Guy's

Just had a long weekend thanks to a Shortage of Stock at Work, so I have been looking into some more weathering of my Auscision Opens and Vans. Still got a long way to go but thought to photograph the progress to take stock of where I am at regarding the weathering. The AKJY took about 2 hours just putting washes between all the ribs on the sides and then putting fine rust spots everywhere. The Green ABFX was much the same. The Red ABFX was just mostly washes and I haven't worked on the roof as yet. I will most likely just use the Air Brush to put on a darker colour most likely using Floquil Rail Tie Brown. Most of the washes used on these models was done with Rail Tie Brown. I added a little bit of Red in for some of the work. I used Floquil Engine Black for the washes around the Springs on the Bogies. Anyway here is the Photo's;

This last photo with be the next to get some brush work. I am happy with the way that the missing panel looks and there will be some mix and matches with some of the other opens and vans;

Cheers Justin Moy


  1. Justin,

    Very impressive work. You may have covered this in an earlier post but what proportions of paint to thinners do you use to create the washes, or is that a trade secret?

    cheers Phil

    1. Phil,

      The washes are done with Floquil Paint. I brush some paint onto a Plastic Pallet ( Chinese food Lid ). Then dip my brush into turps. Then wash this into the paint. It would be hard to say the proportions but as a guess it would be 90-95% turps. To cover the area inside a rib, it is usually the case of just touching the brush in there and the turps will just spread out over the inclosed area. I wait till it dries to see the finished colour and if it is not dark enough I add some more. If it is too dark I can go back it with a wet brush of turps and thin it out a bit. It is a case of experiment to see what happens. I usually wait for the base coat for the wagons weathered colour to dry for a few days before I add washes so that the turps will not easily remove it. If it takes more than 30 seconds to dry, I usually give it a hand by blowing on it. Hope this helps, it is hard to describe my actions. Cheers Justin Moy