44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Auscision NGPF Weathering

Hi Guy's

While weathering up the WHX, I also worked on an Auscision NGPF. This allowed me the photograph the Process. Photo's too me tell the story better than words. So here we go,

First I needed some photo's to work from. I took these at Taree around 2000. This is the one I based my weathering for the one that has been seen earlier on my blog.

Some end detail. This shows has the original blue ends have weathered over time.

Firstly I replaced the side ladder. I have some that are broken so it was easier for me to do a standard replacement for all of them. This was done using an etch brass ladder, I think this one was from Model Etch in Victoria. I used the original ladder as the base and cut and bent this one to size.

The next step was to mask all the code boards and any little notices that I wanted to keep. I cut the tamiya tape to size on a piece of glass with a razer blade.

I then painted the top cat walk silver. I did tone it down a little by added a little bit of gray into the silver. At this stage I also put some grimy black around the Freight Rail logo. This was to represent a patch put on the wagon to give a clean surface for the transfer to be added

The next step was to mask off the cat walk and the area I wanted the patch to be. I then painted the blue over the ends and around the bogies. This is a light blue that I made up from a testers light blue mixed with a normal blue.
Once the blue was in place the model was to left for a few days to let the blue harden a little. leaving the masking tape on I then went about adding the overall colour that I wanted for the wagon. Same as the WHX, a mixture of Grimy Black, Rust and Rail Brown. I went over the bogies and the sides of the wagon but on the ends I just skimmed the outside edge and a bit around the end platforms where all the brake detail is.

This is the stage that I am up to on this wagon atm with the tape removed. I still need to add the finishing touches. I let the blue set pretty hard so that I can wash over the bogies with turps on a brush to wash off some of the weathered brown to reveil the original bogie colour underneith. I usually get some rust out and put a light dusting over the cat walk with the Air Brush and also I bit around the body of the wagon. I also have hand brushed some detail on the side of the cat walk where the brackets are. I have hand brushed and highlighted much of the brake detail as well.
Anyway this was the result on the first one that I did. After repainting the steps and ladders back to white it finished up looking not too bad.
Cheers Justin Moy 

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