44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

44211/4520 approaches Killawarra in 2010

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi, Welcome to my first post. I thought I would start with a NLCX that I have been working on. Now the history of it. By my era of 1990/95 they were pretty rare up the coast. From photo's around 1990 there was only one running up the coast regularly. It was used for Trackfast and worked up to Murwullumbah. It would usual run with Banana Vans so it will make a nice mix with the Vans. Unfortunitly the NLCX suffered the same fate the NLBF Banana Vans with the fact that they used former Riveted LLV type underframes. This lead to operation problems with running in much larger Trains. This lead to the demize of the Banana Vans as the BGF was asked to replace the LLV framed wagons. There replacement came in the form of Trucks and all their GLV framed wagons were retired as well. I am not sure if many of the NLCX's were still runnnig around Metro as my sightings around the early 1990's were mostly confined to up the north coast.

The model is based around the Ian Lindsay's Kit. I have used most of the kit but completely replaced the floor. For the floor I have used a spare On Track Models LLV floor. One good thing is it is already detailed. It isn't perfect but it saves lots of work. Using this floor also makes it blend right in with all my On Track Models Banana Vans. I have added some extra styrene detail mostly around the Bloosters but still have some hand rail detail to add before in goes into the paint shop. More updates as they become available.

Cheers Justin 

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  1. Welcome to Blogging Justin,

    Can't wait to see the story behind some of your impressive models.