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Auscision RKWF weathering

 Auscision RKWF weathering

Hi Guy's. Getting back into the Groove as it seems. As I have been putting allot of thought into bringing my era back to mid to late 80's north coast NSW, I wasn't sure what to do with these 4x Auscision RKWF's that I had. In reality these wagons were converted somewhere around 1989 which puts them right at the end of my era. I could of back dated them, already having 3x Auscision AJKY's that are lightly weathered.

In the end, I have quite a few wagons, these are 75 foot models and my layout isn't that big. I still have some AMK models versions of these waiting assembly. As 80 class were still running on the coast in the late 80's I have been looking at getting a few in my roster. I have Auscision 8010, and 4x Austrains 80 in various stages. A decision needed to be made. That is to detail up the Austrains 80's or replace with Auscision 80's. The amount of time to prepare 4x Austrains vers just making a few modifications to the Auscision Model.  The Auscision Model is pretty good. I pointed out in a previous Blog any points on the 80 that could need attention to make it about perfect. So these 4x RKWF's not needed as such are going to help boost up my 80 class fleet.

To bring these guys up to what they look like in a National Rail / Pacific National ERA is a bit of a challenge. Lots of Fading and rusting. As I am still using enamels, the base colour I used to fade the paint work back was Testers Flat Enamel 64 OD green. Light to heavy coats and then added various Brown colours into the mix. Then I used various browns and a colour called Hull Red and sprayed up close inside each of the ribs on the sides. There was about 3 hours of Air Brush Time devoted to the 4x wagons.

I have myself a new air compressor which runs real quiet. I was limited before with a direct drive compressor which did aggravate my family more that anything and sometimes the Neighbors . This little guy has helped to rejuvenate my Passion for Air Brushing. Finding some spare parts for my 25 year old Paasche Air brush has helped too.

The Start of 3 hours of Air Brush Work. My Carpal Tunnel after 3 years since being operated on is finally at a point I can do 3 hours straight on a Air Brush without issue. I had a bad infection from this Operations and had some really bad Scare Tissue as a result. Only at the start of this year has it felt right.

An invader while working. This little guy loves wires of any size. Also Air Brush air lines.

Back on the bench, Some fine brush work. A pallet of Brown, Black, White and Floquil Burlington Northern Green. Yes I still have one bottle going. I brushed some of this to bring a bit of highlighted green back into some areas that was still a little faded in look compared to going back to Emerald Green as the base. Anyway here is some photos of the finished product.

The next shot is a comparison to the Original Emerald Green

Anyway I sold these off for $320 which represented about $20 per wagon for weathering. These have left our shores for the United States. An Auscision 80 Class has been ordered.

This is a project for the Future to add to my mid to late era 80's. 

4419 and 4439

Just to finish, an couple of prototype photos

Cheers Justin Moy



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